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My name is Alessandro Cinelli. I was born April 8, 1965 in Empoli, Italy. Empoli is about 18 miles west of Florence in the beautiful Tuscany. I spend part of my childhood growing up outside Florence, but most part of my life in Frankfurt Germany. My mother was German and my father Italian, so I was fortunate to live in both cultures.

It was my mother who passed on the creativity and talent on to me. I always enjoyed working with different mediums like pencil or paint and I was able to be an "A" student in all of my Art classes. I was 14 years old when I started playing American Football and it became my passion. I played for 11 years and began coaching all the way to the professional level. After becoming ill in 2001 I took a look at my life and I realized that I needed to make changes. I had realized that art was this sleeping beauty that needed to be awakened and let free. I am having the greatest pleasure creating art today and being able to express myself.

I moved from Germany to Palm Springs.CA in December of 2003, and returned to school after 20 years. I attended College of the Desert and graduated in May of 2007 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Digital Graphics and Production .

Returned to work towards my Bachelors degree in Art to Collegeof the Desert in Fall 2008.




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